Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who Ruined My Life??? (part 1)

            I had a terrible realization that my entire adult life regarding women has been influenced by one creature, the charming and slightly pathological Looney Toon character named Pepe Le Pew (see below).

            Now for anyone who is not familiar with this wonderful character, Pepe Le Pew is a highly passionate French skunk who only wants love. And not just any love will do. He wants the love of a particular black cat that, in each episode, somehow accidentally paints a white streak down her back, confusing the amorous Pepe into thinking she is the female skunk that Cupid has made for him. Of course, with all the charming words at his disposal, he pursues the cat (named in later episodes as Penelope Pussycat, see below) with the ferocity of a freight train at full speed.  

            Somehow, most often times, Penelope Pussycat also consumes some sort of intoxicant that renders her delirious. Pepe thinks it is his charm that causes this temporary intoxication, and being French, he firmly believes this.
            Of course, in the end of each episode, Penelope Pussycat awakens from her temporary slumber to the indulgent face of Pepe Le Pew. She promptly kicks the living shit out of the non-violent skunk, leaving him ragged, torn, and utterly dejected.

            How Pepe Le Pew continues on, broken-hearted, is beyond me, a strength that only exists in the pictorial universe, because, just the next week, the poor kitty spills some more white paint yet again along her backside and Pepe is at it again (as seen in this clip):           

            Thanks a lot, Pepe. There I was, a young impressionable boy sitting on some shag carpeting in a Rhode Island cellar watching this tawdry affection, learning that, one day, my amorous nature towards the charmingly intoxicated kitties that fall deeply and madly in love with me will, once they realize the truth about my nature (I’m a skunk, i.e., they sober up), will leave me torn and ragged by the steely claws of their truest nature.
            I appreciate the lesson, Mel Blanc. I can’t help but wonder who I might have been without the influence of a certain arrogant, pathological French skunk.  

           More to come next week in the new installment of "Who Ruined My Life??? (part 2)". 
           That's all folks!

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